Metro Community Healthcare Telemedicine

Our Telemedicine Services

Metro Community Healthcare offers remote / distance visits to diagnose and treat patients online through Healow. Healow is a secure app that enables you to take control of your health by giving you instant access to your health records and allowing you to manage your important health information.

Telemedicine is a great option if you are away or traveling. It provides easy access to your doctor if you have trouble making it into the doctor’s office due to mobility or transportation issues, business schedule, or illnesses. Plus, it offers total convenience with complete privacy. To learn more about telemedicine and Healow, please visit the Healow App.

Getting Started with Healow & Accessing Your Healow Patient Portal

Instructions for Apple and Android Users:
1. Go to App Store (Apple Store for Apple Users and Google Play for Android Users)
2. Download Healow App
3. Click Get Started
4. Enter Practice Code: JCIGAD
5. Enter Temporary Username and Password OR Select Easy Access
6. Confirm New Password
7. Click Agree to Terms
8. Accept Consent
9. Swipe to Bypass Setup Instructions
10. Allow Healow Access Information

How to Log into TeleVisit from Healow App

Once you have downloaded Healow and created your account, follow these steps to use TeleVisit:
1. Log into Healow App
2. Go to Appointments Tab
3. In My Appointments, Click on TeleVisit Under Appointment Time
4. Click on Start TeleVisit on the Bottom of the Screen
5. Enter Your Vitals Information
6. Click on Submit Vitals to Move on to the Next Step
7. Once Your Vitals Have Been Successfully Submitted, Click on Start TeleVisit
8. Your Doctor Will Be Notified that You Are Ready for Your Visit
10. You Will Be Connected with Your Doctor

Please know that we have a virtual waiting room that holds up to 14 people. If you are not connected to your doctor immediately, please do not sign off, but wait in virtual lobby. We will be with you in the order you entered our waiting room, within 10-15 minutes or less.

Get Started with Healow & Metro Community Healthcare Telemedicine